ORB für zwei Tage kostenlos

Das Geschicklichkeitsspiel „ORB“ ist innerhalb der nächsten zwei Tage kostenlos im Marketplace erhältlich. Dies teilten die Entwickler via Twitter mit.  Hier findet ihr das Review zum Game.

Marketplace Beschreibung

ORB is a fast-paced 2D action game requiring skill to keep your rolling ball on solid tiles and to not fall down. Use fans to jump across large gaps and boost fields to get the full thrill. But take care to not run into dangerous mines or getting pushed into a hole by a pusher. Compete with others in the global Online Highscore Rankings!

v 2.2:

– crash fixes

– mine chain-reaction sound fix

v 2.1:

– track fixes

– minor tombstone graphics fix

– stats lvl fix

v 2.0: GREAT update including:

– new animations for explosions the ORB itself and special tiles

– pulsing tiles for more liveness

– tons of new tracks

– and of course: bigger explosions! 😉

already included features:

– online Highscore for last 24h/7days/allTime

– extensive custom soundtrack

– local statistics and highscore

– 4 special tiles (Mines, Fans, Pusher, Boosts)

– side switching (left out -> right in)

– endless gameplay

– auto Accelerometer calibration (play while lying down!)



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